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weather rant   
09:28am 30/10/2007
  OMG It was 90 last week and its 37 outside right now. What the hell is going on... I want the global warming turned back on.


Another thing... How is it 48 in Montclair NJ right now and less then 40 in Virginia! WHAT THE HELL?
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so um... that was strange   
03:32pm 17/10/2007
  So its been a month or so since i last posted. Heres the high lights

-pricodark1 and i are back together
-I'm driving myself crazy
-I'm back in farmville
-I have the car here
-I'm very tired.

okay that sums it up.
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03:08pm 19/09/2007
  YAY!!! I have Lappy back!!! with a new hard drive and screen and key board and the fan's cleaned out and yay!  
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Hops on the Band waggon... what a nice seat!   
12:32pm 02/08/2007


You scored 28% Slytherin, 24% Ravenclaw, 56% Gryffindor, and 32% Hufflepuff!

You might belong in Gryffindor,

Where dwell the brave at heart,

Their daring, nerve, and chivalry

Set Gryffindors apart.

Gryffindors are known for their courage, audacity, and devotion to what is good and honest.

Link: The Sorting Hat Test written by leeannslytherin on OkCupid, home of the The Dating Persona Test
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11:53pm 26/07/2007
Something has changed within me
Something is not the same
I'm through with playing by
The rules of someone else's game
Too late for second-guessing
Too late to go back to sleep
It's time to trust my instincts
Close my eyes
And leap...

It's time to try defying gravity
I think I'll try defying gravity
And you can't pull me down

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Made it to Salsburg   
03:24pm 20/05/2007
  We pulled into Salsburg earlyer this morning (i'd guess around 6am EST, noon what ever this timezone is)

I keep thinking I'm hearing/seeing people from my youth group running around the catherdal from earlyer.

I miss them so much. I miss my youth ministers crazy antics. I kinda wish they were there. I'm getting fed up with people on this trip. their just getting on my nerves. oh well.

plans for tonight is going to an irish pub. i might stay in and read and watch some austrian tv. we'll see.

c ya soon
Sitting in Vienna   
09:04pm 16/05/2007
  So yeah... apperntly Jerry Falwell died... so i leave the country and something important happens... what the fuck guys really what the fuck.

ANYWAY- Vienna is good. Having fun. Need sleep. but what else is new. my feet are KILLING ME from all the walking.

fun pictures will be posted as soon as I get home and have my computer back.

So yeah... Livejournal is defalted to German on this computer. I get i'm in Austria and German is the offical langauge. but i find it mighty sad that I can navagate with knowing few words.

and I'm gone.
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01:14pm 14/05/2007
  In about an hour I'm heading out. Not to the mall or to the diner or anything normal. I'm heading down to DC to catch a plane with my German Class to Austria.

I'll be back in two weeks. If I get a chance I'll be leaving a note on line somewhere. eather my myspace or on my live journal or facebook.

have a good two weeks everyone I'll see you when i return.

Send me emails at Tameyourheart@gmail.com and i'll reply when i can. if i can. I'm not quite sure how time is going to work.
03:04pm 04/05/2007
  I don't want my residents to leave... I'm half in tears as i'm checking them out. I want my residents back!!!!!

As of right now 20 Residents have moved off the hall. 19 are still on the hall and in the process of moving out.

I want my hall back.
03:33pm 16/04/2007
  Just to let everyone know. I'm two or three hours away from VA Tech. I'm safe I'm fine. I'm in and out of class today.  
10:20am 11/04/2007
  i just slept thru my math and gym class... guess i should go shower and get ready for my gym lab huh?  
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Damn you Dave!!!   
10:36pm 17/03/2007
  his seemed like fun...

Create your own Friend Test here
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04:22pm 02/03/2007
  Its 64 out side. and I'm sitting outside with my friends.

its 58 back home.

yay warm virginia
09:26pm 27/02/2007
  So yeah... Its almost March 8. As In I'll be home in Nine days.

my plane lands around 230 or so on the 8th.

so i'll be back in SB around 4... and then i'm going to eat dinner at home... and then getting some loving from walt when hes off work.
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i'm a loser   
10:34am 13/02/2007
  yay 13 months.

love you princodark

i'm such a dork.

Yay le and her lovely girlfriend one day early! cause they too have lasted 13 months.
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Because its funny...   
09:52pm 03/01/2007
In 2007, stickonstarz resolves to...
Take evening classes in zelda.
Be nicer to felixknight13.
Give up sunsets.
Get back in contact with some old pajama pants.
Connect with my inner steubenville.
Admit my true feelings to princodark.
Get your own New Year's Resolutions:

So the question is...... what are those true feelings for the love of my life???

On the twelfth day of Christmas, stickonstarz sent to me...
Twelve penguinsnafus surfing
Eleven silversleeves writing
Ten in4themusics a-daydreaming
Nine somos culasos dancing
Eight weekends a-kissing
Seven sunsets a-traveling
Six thunderstorms a-flirting
Five glo-o-o-owing sidewalks
Four thrift shops
Three pajama pants
Two starry nights
...and a steubenville in a coffee.
Get your own Twelve Days:
10:46am 09/11/2006
  its done. we talked. use some tact yourself.  
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11:54pm 31/08/2006
  So yeah... I love my floor. That seems to be the general reaction that all my RA coworkers. We just had 2 alarms right after another, i litterally just sat down and then it went off again. grr.

but the kids on my floor are good. they listened to me when i told them to lock their doors and go... i looked in one room and a guy was putting on pants and i screamed "put the pants on and go. bring the shoes and shirt" and he did. outside he got dressed. I didnt need to know he wore tighty whities...

beyond little things their a good hall. I just hope that they keep that up. ok i'm going on my round.
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04:58pm 07/05/2006
  Happy Birthday jerseynosuck you rock Lizardman!  
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11:57am 26/04/2006
  Birthday wishes go out to my dear love princodark I love you more then there are stars in the sky.

Happy Birthday baby. Only two more days till I'm home